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NYC | Columbus | LA

We are thelab: a group of developers, designers, writers, animators, inventors, artists, technologists, musicians and new media strategists working collaboratively on projects as varied as we are. We’re a hardworking, personable bunch with a unified goal: make work that we’re fiercely proud of, and you are too.

thelab was founded in 2002 as a creative retouching company. Over the last ten years we’ve evolved into a full service creative agency, working across the print, digital, and creative disciplines. You can find us in five locations around the country, with our largest office in NYC.

We believe that every great relationship starts with a single job and grows over time with consistent care, hard work, and at least a little fun. So give us a call, drop us a line, bring us your creative challenges, and let us surprise you.

How We Work

Our teams are staffed according to our clients’ unique and evolving creative needs.

That could call for a traditional copywriter and art director partnership. But it could also find a retoucher, designer, and technologist making an app that changes the way you do business. Or a sound designer, animator, developer, and strategist creating a brave new CG world for your next product launch. Our teams are constantly reinvented which means fresh, inspired thinking is applied to everything we do.

What We Make

We’ve tackled everything from multi-channel campaign creation, to complex site and app builds, to fashion shoots and retouching. We like a good challenge, and have the creative resources to meet yours head on.

Let's Talk

We’re looking for brave clients and adventurous makers of creative things.

New York City

637 West 27th St., 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Columbus, Ohio

855 Grandview Ave., Suite 135
Columbus, OH 43215

Los Angeles

909 N. Sepulveda Blvd, Ste.
El Segundo, CA 90245